Shiro Pro Drip Glutathione 5000mg Skin Whitening Injections

Product Name: Shiro Pro Drip Glutathione 5000mg Skin Whitening Injections
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Place of Origin: Made In Japan
Key Ingrediants: Glutathione
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Shiro Pro Drip 5000mg Glutathione Injection - 10 Sessions - Made In Japan

Discover the revolution in skin care direct from Japan – Shiro Pro Drip Glutathione 5000mg Whitening Injections, now making waves in India. Harness the power of the world's most potent antioxidant cocktail with this cutting-edge whitening IV drip. Witness remarkable health and aesthetic transformations in just one to three sessions.


Unlock the Secret to Pristine Skin

The Shiro Glutathione Injections stand apart due to their unique lyophilized (freeze-dried) form, ensuring unmatched purity and potency for injection use. This powerful concoction boasts a blend of vital ingredients: reduced glutathione, vitamin C, thioctic acid, human placenta extract, natural collagen, B-complex, and amino acids, all designed to make your skin shine from within.

Glutathione, a critical antioxidant naturally present in the body, combats free radicals and reactive oxygen species that lead to cellular damage and aging. By enhancing your metabolism, detoxifying your body, and bolstering your immune system, the Shiro Glutathione Injections provide a comprehensive health boost.


Beyond Health: Aesthetic Excellence

But it's not just about health; it's about beauty too. These injections not only nourish your skin but also lighten and even out your skin tone, reduce dark spots, and promote skin elasticity. Say goodbye to fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin and embrace a youthful, glowing complexion.

Enjoy prolonged hydration, reduced acne, and smaller pores, thanks to this all-in-one skincare solution. Suitable for use once or twice a week under professional guidance, Shiro Pro Drip Glutathione 5000mg Injections are your ticket to flawless skin.


Unmatched Benefits for Timeless Beauty:

-Nourishes and firms the skin.
-Fades dark spots and scars.
-Boosts collagen for supple, elastic skin.
-Shrinks pores and prevents acne.
-Acts as a powerful anti-aging formula.
-Enhances overall skin brightness and tone.


Detailed Ingredient Breakdown:

Reduced Glutathione (5000mg): The powerhouse of antioxidants.
Kojic Acid (5500mg): Brightens and evens out skin tone.
Thioctic Acid (1380mg): Protects against oxidative damage.
Natural Collagen (600mg): Promotes skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles.
Human Placenta Extract (950mg): Enhances skin renewal and healing.
Embryonic (250mg): Supports tissue growth and health.
B Complex (650mg): Vital for skin health and energy levels.
Amino Acids & Vitamin C (1000mg): Supports skin structure and brightness.


Usage Guidelines:

For best results, mix the solution with 100ml-500ml of Saline for injection. Ensure proper hygiene by disinfecting the vial before use. Inject the solution intravenously once a week, or as directed by your skincare professional.


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How quickly can I see results?

Results vary based on individual metabolism but generally, improvements can be noticed after the first few sessions.

Is this product safe?

Yes, when used as directed by a healthcare professional, Shiro Advanced Glutathione Injections are safe for most individuals.

How often should I use the injections?

Typically, once a week, but follow your dermatologist's advice.

Are there any side effects?

Any side effects are rare but consult your doctor if you have concerns.

Shiro Pro Drip Glutathione 5000mg Skin Whitening Injections

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