Placenta Extract Injection By Vesco Pharma Placenta C 1000

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Product Name: Placenta Extract Injection By Vesco Pharma Placenta C 1000
Brand Name: Vesco Pharma
Place of Origin: Made In Thailand
Key Ingrediants: Placenta Extract
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Vesco Pharma Placenta C 1000 Placenta Extract Injection

Placenta Extract Injection By Vesco Pharma Placenta C 1000 is a highly effective remedial and preventative treatment for various disorders of the body and physiological processes like ageing. What makes this highly safe and reliable is that it is approved and recommended by the Thai Ministry of Health and Labor. It is reported to have no side effects and have a protective role for the body. All the content of the Vesco Pharma Placenta C 1000 ampoules comes from natural sources; hence there are no toxic or artificial ingredients that may cause irritation or negatively impact the body.

Individuals who have used these ampoules worldwide have only reported highly positive feedback and claimed it to have changed their lives for the better. It not only boosts the individual's stamina – helping them achieve more in their everyday life but also causes regeneration of cells and improvement of the overall skin quality.

With high levels of Vitamin C and Placental Extracts, Vesco Pharma Placenta C 1000 has gained a lot of popularity over In recent years over its successful results and therapeutic properties worldwide, and the popularity only continues to grow.


What is Placenta Extract?

Vesco Pharma Placenta C 1000 contains a high-quality placenta extract as a base ingredient, which gives it an abundance of therapeutic potential for the body. The placenta is a temporary organ found in a female expecting, where the unborn baby grows. Hence, it contains many vital enzymes, growth factors, peptides, minerals, and vitamins that may benefit the body. 

When this organ is lysed to create placenta extracts, it may be used in the form of capsules and injections for the body. There are numerous benefits of the placenta extracts as they may be used for their antiaging properties, promotion of cellular growth, tissue repair, and inflammatory relief. 


How Does Placenta Extract Cause Skin Healing?

The placenta extract incorporated in the Vesco Pharma Placenta C 1000 makes it an effective facilitator of skin healing. It may be used for acne-prone skin or skin that has been damaged due to over-exfoliation or irritation from chemical substances.

This is facilitated by activating the release of HF by the Placenta Extracts, which facilitates the regeneration of damaged cells and causing wound repair. They also allow the release of collagenases, and an increased turnover of cells, which help it to induce healing of the wounds and skin disturbances. All this makes the skin more firm, fresh and smoother.  


How Does Placenta Extract Prevent Aging?

Vesco Pharma placenta C 1000 also acts as a highly effective antiaging treatment due to incorporating high levels of Placenta Extract in it. The placenta extract works by making the skin more hydrated, even-toned, and wrinkles-free. 

Aging is mainly facilitated by damage from the sun, which leads to hyperpigmentation, skin spots, wrinkles, and overall sagging of the skin. Since the placenta extract has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti melanogenic, and collagen-producing properties, it allows the prevention and treatment of sun damage, in turn, treating skin aging. Moreover, it can increase the total amount of water in the skin and its elasticity, which leads to more hydrated, radiant, and supple skin with the diminishing of wrinkles and fine lines that are often associated with aging. 





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What Are The Other Benefits of Vesco Pharma Placenta C 1000?

Even though it is highly known for its antiaging and skin healing properties, Vesco Pharma Placenta C 1000 may also be used for its numerous other benefits for the body. These include:

o   Inflammation Prevention

o   Prevention of hardening of the liver

o   Improvement of the kidney function

o   Improvement of Mental Functions

o   Enhancement of sexual performance

o   Boosting of Immune System

o   Symptomatic treatment of menopause syndrome

o   Cell and Tissue Regeneration

o   Improve physical health and prevention of exhaustion Restores general health reduce physical exhaustion

o   Improvement of blood circulation 


How To Use Vesco Pharm Placenta C 1000?

The Vesco Pharma Placenta C 1000 is a set of 10 ampoules, out of which one or two ampoules may be administered intramuscularly or intravenously once or twice a week. However, it is very important to store these ampoules below 30 degrees and keep them in their original packaging, protecting them from moisture. Since these ampoules and their dosages are designed for adults, they should be kept out of reach from children.

Placenta Extract Injection By Vesco Pharma Placenta C 1000

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