Zaguta Japan 600,000mg Glutathione Injections

Product Name: Zaguta Japan 600,000mg Glutathione Injections
Brand Name: NA
Place of Origin: Made In Japan
Key Ingrediants: Glutathione
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ZAGUTA GLUTATHIONE 600,000 mg. Made In  Japan - 6 Sessions

#1 Selling Glutathione brand in japan.


Zaguta 600,000mg Glutathione Injections is the number one Selling Glutathione injections in Japan, Now In India
Zaguta Glutathione Is Japan most advanced whitening IV drip; The Zaguta Glutathione Drip has the planet's most potent antioxidant cocktail, which creates impressive health and aesthetic Benefits, even from only one to three sessions.  Zaguta Glutathione Injections are wholly lyophilized (freeze-dried) glutathione. This innovative manufacturing process enriches purity and potency, meaning they designed for injection use. Zaguta Glutathione injection 600,000mg is one of the very best infusions if you expect the skin to glow. Zaguta Glutathione treatment has actually been around since the 2000s, but it has become immensely popular in recent times as one of the very best Glutathione shots available. Zaguta Glutathione is a naturally occurring chemical found in the human body as well as in all our cells, including the skin and other organs. Glutathione is an antioxidant that is present in small amounts in many people, but some totally free radicals cause damage to it, leading to cellular decay as well as, at some point ageing.

Additionally referred to as "JAPAYUKI DRIP".
Glutathione Plus Amino Acids Complex.
JAPAN Organic extract formulate for skin whitening.
% authentic & Safe

  1. Risk-free and proven effective.
  2. effective way to achieve great results.
  5. Japan Formulation and with Certification from ZAGUTA CLINIC & CO

1. Anti-ageing. 
2. Skin whitening.
3. Boost body immune system.
4. Skin firming & raising.
5. Repair damaged skin cells Anti melasma.
6. Smoothing rough skin.
7. Reduce acne/ acne.
8. Lessen pores.
9. Healing of mark.
10. Promote Collagen.
11. Detoxification.


1. GLUTATHIONE 600,000MG - 25ml for 6 vials.

2. VITAMIN COMPLEX - 2ML for 6 ampules.
- Vitamin A: 20mcg.
- Vitamin E: 0.65 mg.
- Vitamin C: 1250mg.
- Vitamin D: 600i IU.
- Vitamin B Complex: 200mg.
- Vitamin K, K1, K2: 500mg.

3. AMINO ACIDS - 10ML for 6 ampules.
- Alaine: 750mcg.
- Argine: 500mg.
- Asparagine: 200IU.
- Cysteine: 900mg.
- Glutamine: 800mg.
- Glutamic Acids: 500mg.
- Glycine: 250mg.
- Histidine: 100mg.
- Isoleucine - 50mg.
- Lysine: 2.5 mcg.
- Proline: 2.5 mcg.
- Serine: 750mg.
- Threonine: 500mg.
- Vaine: 500mg.


Weekly Once or Twice Or as Directed By Physician

Zaguta Japan 600,000mg Glutathione Injections

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