Collagen Injection By Vesco Pharma Collagen C 1000

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Product Name: Collagen Injection By Vesco Pharma Collagen C 1000
Brand Name: Vesco Pharma
Place of Origin: Thailand
Key Ingrediants: Collagen Extracts & Vitamin C
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Vesco Pharma Collagen c 1000 Collagen Injection - 10 Ampoules - IV/IM

Information about Vesco Pharma Collagen C 1000 Collagen Injection.Reduce wrinkles, smooth out scars, repair your skin, and achieve the youthful complexion you've always desired by using Vesco Pharma Collagen C 1000.Vesco Pharma Collagen C 1000 Collagen Injection is a potent combination comprised of Collagen Extracts as well as Vitamin C with equal quantities which are delivered intravenously (IV) or intramuscularly (IM) to provide nourishment for your skin.

Each box is comprised of 10 ampules, each containing five millilitres of Vesco Pharma Collagen C 1000 with 1000 mg of collagen from plants and 1100mg Vitamin C that is imported from Thailand.

What are Collagen & Vitamin C And What is their purpose?

Collagen is among the richest proteins within your body and is responsible for more than two-thirds of its protein composition. There are at most 16 kinds of collagen that contribute to the structure and support, flexibility and elasticity of your muscles, bones teeth, blood vessels and even your skin.

As you pass time, your body's collagen levels decrease. Ageing can weaken your skin and lead to scars, wrinkles and discolorations.

Vitamin C (aka Ascorbic Acid) is an essential food ingredient that is essential for the normal working of your body. Vitamin C is necessary to produce collagen, which is essential in the care of connective tissue and skin. Vitamin C is an effective antioxidant that plays an essential function in the immune system.

What is special about Vesco Pharma Collagen C 1000 Collagen Injection?

Beyond the benefits from Collagen as well as Vitamin C individually, the Intravenous and Intramuscular formulations in Vesco Pharma benefit you because;

● Collagen C 1000 is more easily absorbed, and consequently, is highly bioavailable when injected via IV or IM routes, as opposed to the lower absorbability via the oral route.

● IV and IM injectables of Collagen C 1000 have very low toxicity and do not cause harm as long as they are administered in the dosage is given in  the right amount.

● IV, as well as IM administration, is perfect for those who have sensitive stomachs.

Based on the metabolism


Contraindicated in:

● Breast Feeding

● Menstrual cycle

● Allergies to Vitamins of every kind

● Cardiovascular risk


Benefits Of Vesco Pharma Collagen C 1000 Collagen Extract Injection:

● Collagen C1000 has demonstrated remarkable results as an anti-ageing treatment.

● Reduces wrinkles and wrinkles by improving the elasticity and tone of the face.

● Restores skin, diminishes the appearance of scars and removes dark spots.

● It hydrates the skin and gives the skin a healthy and beautiful appearance.

● Improves skin's complexion and evens out the appearance of pigmentation. reduces hyperpigmentation and discoloration like freckle spots, liver spots as well as age spots.

● Increases collagen production and the elasticity of your skin to ensure healthy skin.

● Dark spots, wrinkles hyperpigmentation, dryness, wrinkles, spots of freckles age spots and many other skin issues.

● Stretch marks and other skin issues can be caused by sudden rises in weight caused by pregnancy, or for other reasons.

● Hair loss, greying, hair loss, and additional signs suggest premature ageing.


Ingredients of Vesco Pharma's Collagen C 1000 & Vitamin C Injection:

Each box of Vesco Pharma's Collagen C 1000 & Vitamin C contains ten 5ml ampoules, each packed with a powerful blend of skin-nourishing compounds:


Plant Collagen Extracts (1000mg): Derived from natural sources, these extracts help replenish your skin’s collagen levels, essential for maintaining its elasticity, strength, and suppleness.

Vitamin C (1000mg): A potent antioxidant sourced from Thailand, Vitamin C aids in the natural regeneration process, repairs damaged skin, and inhibits melanin production for brighter, more even-toned skin.


Recommendations for Dosage and Method Of Administration

Initial dose: 1-2 injections in the vein (IV) or intramuscular (IM) every week for up to a month.

Dose for maintenance: 1. injection in the vein (IV) or intramuscular (IM) every 2 weeks.

Inject Glutathione to achieve the greatest results.


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How can Vesco Pharma collagen Injection benefit the skin?

Can improve skin health. Collagen is an important ingredient in your skin. It's a key component in enhancing the skin's elasticity and can improve the elasticity of your skin and improve hydration. As you get older the body's production of collagen, which can cause dried skin as well as the development of wrinkles.

What is the advantage of Vesco Pharma collagen Extract Injection?

Collagen supplements are associated with numerous health benefits with only a little risk. In the beginning, supplements could help improve the health of your skin by reducing dryness and wrinkles. They could also help to increase muscle mass, reduce loss of bone, and ease joint discomfort.

Does Vesco Pharma collagen Extract Injection help to whiten skin?

A new nutritional supplement that is formulated with glutathione and collagen is expected to combat the signs of aging on your skin as well as to improve skin tone. Based on the company that glutathione is added since it was demonstrated to be involved in the process of lightening skin.

Do you think Vesco Pharma collagen extract Injection really work?

Because the supplementation of collagen has proven to boost the body's manufacturing of collagen, it makes sense to think that supplementing collagen could improve the skin's appearance and quality. A number of randomized studies have proven that collagen supplementation may assist in improving hydration levels, elasticity, and wrinkles.

Is Vesco Pharma collagen Extract Injections beneficial for weight loss?

Contrary to other supplements available that are available the collagen supplement has been proven to assist with weight loss and reduce body fat! Collagen is a great supplement for weight loss but also improve the texture of your skin, decreasing inflammation, and improving digestive health.

Can collagen remove pimples?

Although collagen supplements are proven to improve the look of the skin there is no proof that collagen prevents or treats acne. Acne is the result of a buildup of the dead cells of your skin. If these cells accumulate inside the pores, they can result in a pimple developing.

Are Vesco Pharma collagen Extract Injections suitable for scars?

Apart from providing the structure and support to muscles and bones, collagen protein plays a crucial part in maintaining the health of our skin. The role of collagen in the process of wound repair, as well as scar development, is an important component of this protein that keeps your skin safe and healthy.

Collagen Injection By Vesco Pharma Collagen C 1000

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