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Vesco Pharma's Gluta C 1000 Glutathione Skin Whitening Injection is a mixture of Liquid nano Glutathione as well as Vitamin C. Gluta C 1000 is administered intramuscularly, or intravenously for brightening your skin and give it an attractive appearance.

About Vesco Pharma Collagen C 1000 Collagen Extract Injection Reduce wrinkles, fade scars, repair your skin, and attain the Youthful complexion you have always wanted with Vesco Pharma Collagen C 1000. Vesco Pharma Collagen C 1000 is a potent mixture of Collagen Extracts and Vitamin C in equal amounts that are delivered Intra-venously (IV) or Intra-muscularly (IM) to nourish your skin.

Vesco Pharma Placenta C 1000 is a highly effective remedial and preventative treatment for various disorders of the body and physiological processes like aging.

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