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Glutathione Injection By Vesco Pharma Gluta C 1000 Skin Whitening Injection serves a person in the long term by eliminating acne and wrinkles while enhancing the skin with time.

About Vesco Pharma Collagen C 1000 Collagen Extract Injection Reduce wrinkles, fade scars, repair your skin, and attain the Youthful complexion you have always wanted with Vesco Pharma Collagen C 1000. Vesco Pharma Collagen C 1000 is a potent mixture of Collagen Extracts and Vitamin C in equal amounts that are delivered Intra-venously (IV) or Intra-muscularly (IM) to nourish your skin.

Vitamin C Injection By Vesco Pharma VC Vitamin C 1000mg Injection is vital to maintaining healthy and glowing skin. The skin-related benefits of Vitamin C are mainly due to its antioxidant property. The intake of Vitamin C led to reduced free radical skin damage and increased wound healing. In addition, some researchers have mentioned the skin whitening effect of Vitamin C, which makes it beneficial to get rid of hyperpigmentation and scars marks.

Placenta Extract Injection By Vesco Pharma Placenta C 1000 is a highly effective remedial and preventative treatment for various disorders of the body and physiological processes like aging.

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