Neutro Skin Apple Ultimate Whitening+ Glutathione Injection

Product Name: Neutro Skin Apple Ultimate Whitening+ Glutathione Injection
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Place of Origin: Made In France
Key Ingrediants: Green Apple Glutathione Extract
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Neutro Skin Green Apple Glutathione Whitening injection is the most powerful whitening product readily available in the market. These products give a fairer skin in a faster manner with natural results. Neutro skin Apple Ultimate whitening noticeably fade the appearance of the dark spots for luminous perfectly intense skin.

This item contains high amount of glutathione which interrupt production of melanin. Melanin is major aspect responsible for skin color. More production of melanin results into darker skin. Melanin is a pigment that gives human skin, hair, and eyes their color. Dark-skinned individuals have more melanin in their skin than light-skinned individuals have. Melanin is produced by cells called melanocytes. It supplies some protection again skin damage from the sun, and the melanocytes increase melanin production in action to sun exposure. Freckles, which happen in people of all races, are little, focused locations of increased melanin production.

Neutro Skin Apple Ultimate Whitening Glutathione Whitening injections are commonly utilized to decrease melanin synthesis and brighten up dark locations as armpits, dark circles, scars, and so on. These injections also extremely much helpful in hydrating human skin and with correct amount of hydration improvise radiance on skin by several times. As directly injected into skin it gives much faster effect and long lasting results.




Green Apple seeds get their vibrant red color from polyphenols. These chemicals are potent anti-oxidants.

Green aplle includes greater levels of antioxidants than most other fruit. It likewise has three times more antioxidants than red wine and green tea. The anti-oxidants in pomegranate can assist remove totally free radicals, protect cells from damage, and minimize inflammation.




Vitamin C is the most plentiful vitamin found in pomegranates. This vitamin, also called Ascorbic Acid, is a powerful anti-oxidant that rids the body of totally free radicals. Vitamin C is likewise important to collagen production, a fibrous protein required in bones, cartilage, and muscle and skin tissues.




In the language of skincare, this equates to a guarantee that, with routine long-lasting usage, a lot of people who incorporate a Glutathione supplement into their everyday appeal regimens are going to see significant results. Hundreds of individuals around the world usage Glutathione to lighten their skin, and the number of fans is growing every day.




•  Vial.

•  Glutathione Green Apple Extract-- 5000000mg.

•  Premium Growth Factor-- 150000mg.

•  Ascorbic Acid-- 100000mg.

•  Apple Collagen Nano-- 2000000mg.

•  Co-Enzyme Q10-- 100000mg.




MOISTURIZING: - Normally we dehydrate quickly as skin discharges a lot of water. This impacts our shine and glow on our skin. By using Neutro Skin Pomegranate Glutathione Whitening injection skin is deeply hydrated, renewed and conditioned.

HINDER MELANIN: - As it includes a high quantity of antioxidants, it slows down all the procedures for distribution of melanin in the skin. Slowing down production of melanin improvises color of skin. As an outcome, skin shade moves towards the fairer side.

As this is straight injected into skin tissues, it assists get rid of dead skin cells. Ingredients utilized in Neutro Skin Pomegranate Glutathione Whitening injection gets rid of aging lines by tightening up skin and pores are considerably less visible.




•  Intramuscular injection (IM)/ Intravenous injection (IV) Each 5ml, 2ml with 1 vial daily.

•  As soon as or two times weekly.


•  Created with Multi-Action Whitening System,.

•  Neutro Skin Pomegranate visibly fade the look of dark areas for luminescent, perfectly brilliant skin.

•  This is a high glutathione content injection, so you need to follow the Skin doctor's guidance.

DO N'TS:-.


This product is not suitable for:-.


•  Breast feeder.

•  Injection on women duration.

•  Allergy to vitamin (any kind).

•  Client with cardiovascular problem.


Neutro Skin Apple Ultimate Whitening+ Glutathione Injection

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