Lucchini Glutathione Peptide PicoCell Brightening Solution

Product Name: Lucchini Glutathione Peptide PicoCell Brightening Solution
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Place of Origin: Made In Switzerland
Key Ingrediants: Glutathione Peptide
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Lucchini Glutathione Peptide PicoCell Brightening Solution - Glutathione Skin Whitening Injection

Description: Introducing LUCCHINI Glutathione Peptide Pico-Cell Brightening Solution, a groundbreaking skin rejuvenation treatment imported from Switzerland. Combining a powerful concentration of 35,000,000mg glutathione with Multivitamins, Collagen, Ascorbic Acid, Selenium, and 8 stem cells, this innovative formula is designed to quickly restore and improve skin condition for individuals with dark skin, sun damage, or hereditary pigmentation. Within just 1-2 weeks of use, dark spots are visibly diminished, fine lines fade, and the skin appears more radiant, healthy, and pinkish with a youthful glow.


LUCCHINI Glutathione Peptide Cell Therapy from Switzerland is the first of its kind to incorporate a combination of 8 stem cells, which work together to repair and rejuvenate skin cells, retain moisture, brighten skin tone, enhance firmness, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. This all-in-one solution addresses a wide range of skin concerns with just one product.


What sets LUCCHINI apart is its all-natural and safe formulation, which stimulates the body's natural healing process without any side effects. In less than three weeks, users can experience a more youthful, energetic, and revitalized appearance with this advanced Swiss Cell Therapy formula, providing benefits that vitamins, minerals, hormones, and conventional treatments simply cannot match.


Pharmaceutical Components:


5mlx10 ampoules:


Pico-Cell Enhanced Hexa Cell 100,000mg

Pico-Cell Plant Stem Cell Factor II 125,000mg

Embryonic Stem Cell (ESC) 2,000mg

Placenta 10,000mg

Cerebrum Cell 2,500mg

Umbilical Cord 1,500mg

Mesenchymal Cell 3,500mg

Thymus Cell 5,000mg

10mlx10 ampoules:


Pico-Cell Multivitamins 60,000mg

Pico-Cell Natural Collagen 35,000mg

Pico-Cell Hydra Plus 9,000mg

Pico-Cell Alpha Lipoic Acid 9,500mg

Pico-Cell Ascorbic Acid 55,000mg

Pico-Cell PN/PDRN 23,000mg

Pico-Cell Selenium 12,000mg

Powderx10 vials:


Pico-Cell Glutathione 35,000,000mg

Pico-Cell Melanin Inhibit Factor III (MIF3) 50,000mg

Pico-Cell Epidermal Growth Factor 42,000mg

Pico-Cell Nanopeptide-3 9,000mg

Pico-Cell White Elements II 63,000mg

Pico-Cell Nanopeptide 15,000mg

Pico-Cell mRNA 1,250mcg

Usage: Mix 3 vials of 1 set and administer through an IV drip.


Packaging: 10 Sets per box

Lucchini Glutathione Peptide PicoCell Brightening Solution

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