Glutax 20000Gr Sirna Voluntary White Ultra

Product Name: Glutax 20000Gr Sirna Voluntary White Ultra
Brand Name: NA
Place of Origin: Italy
Key Ingrediants: Glutathione
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**GLUTAX 20,000GR siRNA Voluntary White Ultra - Pure Skin Brilliance in 10 Vials**

**Package Contains:**  
- 10 sessions worth with 10 vials

- **5ml Content**:  
  * White Elements from siRNA: 2000mg  
  * Multivitamins by siRNA: 20,000mg  
  * Natural Collagen of siRNA: 5000mg  
  * siRNA's Selenio: 1000mg  
- **3ml Content**:  
  * Recombined siRNA: 500mg  
  * Glutathione by siRNA: 20,000g  
  * EGF from siRNA: 4000mg  
  * Coenzyme Q10 by siRNA: 800mg  
  * Acido Cogico via siRNA: 600mg  

**Introducing the New & Enhanced GLUTAX 20,000GR siRNA Voluntary White**:  
A progressive version of our crowd-favorite, Glutax 2000GS Re-Combined White.

**Pioneering Benefits:**  
- Takes skin whitening to an advanced level while nourishing the skin deeply  
- Acts as a shield against acne and signs of aging  
- Diminishes dark spots and under-eye shadows  
- Leaves skin soft, vibrant, and glowing  
- Prevents acne outbreaks and spot reduction  
- Battles signs of aging and wrinkles  
- Accelerates wound healing  
- Repairs and rejuvenates damaged skin cells  
- Preserves natural collagen in the body  

**Why Choose GLUTAX?**  
- **Bright & Youthful Skin**: Whitens skin, reduces pigmentation, and vanishes freckles.  
- **Natural Firmness**: Boosts collagen and elastin for firmer skin.  
- **Light & Lovely**: Controls melanin production for a lighter skin tone.  
- **Stay Young**: Powerful antioxidants to counter wrinkles and fine lines.  
- **Hydrate & Shine**: Enhances skin moisture, giving it a bright look.  
- **Vitamin Boost**: Multivitamins to refine skin texture and tone.  
- **Selenium Shield**: Fights sun damage and wrinkles, rejuvenating the skin.

**Usage Instructions**:  
1. Combine one vial, one small ampule, and one big ampule.  
2. Slowly inject via IV push. Opt for an IV drip once every week. We suggest drinking ample water, at least 1-2 hours prior. Sterile water use is your choice. We strongly recommend a certified professional for the procedure.  
**Important**: If pregnant, breastfeeding, or having heart or kidney issues, avoid using Glutax.

**Your Trust Matters**: Authenticity is our promise. We believe in offering only safe and genuine products. Experience top-notch service with our dedicated team.

**Administering Instructions / Suggested Dosage**:  
Blend the vials and ampules for injection. A maximum of two sessions weekly or every three days. This product can be given via IV, IM, or Dripping methods. Visible results can appear in 1-2 weeks, but for optimum outcomes, a 2-3 months treatment is ideal. Post that, consider reducing to once every 2 weeks for maintenance.


Glutax 20000Gr Sirna Voluntary White Ultra

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