Biocell Renovation With Gluta 1000000mg

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Biocell Renovation With Gluta 1000000mg

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Made In Switzerland

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Glutathione & Vitamin C

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BIOCELL RENOVATION WITH GLUTA 1000000mg Glutathione Injection

Antioxidants from a mixture of high vitamin C & antioxidants. Reduces damage to skin cells from environmental toxins, keeps healthy skin cells, lightens up the skin, removes toxins from the blood and lymphatic system.
Skin whitening vitamin C. Speed up the action of glutathione to detox and decrease the melanin pigmentation triggers the skin and dull skin.
The elasticity of skin Collagen forte concentration is greater than the coll.
Other brands Will penetrate into the skin. Brings back elasticity and firmness to the skin throughout the body.
Essential Amino Acid Amino Acid is a protein in the cells and tissues required for the growth and repair of the body. Helps the body to take more nutrients to use more effectively.

Product Description:
Skin Whitening
Skin Cell Renewal
anti-ageing Product
Anti Oxidant Item
Improve Immune Function

10 ml (collagen).
Ascorbic Acid 40000 mg.
Solution Collagen d'extrit 30000 mg.
Aminox Essential Amino Acid 40000 mg.
Hesperidin 3000 mg.
Hyaluronic Acid 3000 mg.
Argan Stem cell 10000 mg.
( Placenta).
Chromosome 10000 mg.
Coenzyme Q10 50000 mg.
( Gluta).
GLUTblanc (Nano Extract 1 Million mg) NaOH.
Ingredients: Glutathione Solve in 5-10 ml Sterilized water.

Net Content: 1 BOX.
1 Box consisting of 10 Injection Sets.
( 1 Injection Set = 2 ampoules + 1 vial).

Advised Dose:.
Intramuscular (IM) or intravenously (IV), by the physician purchased.

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Biocell Renovation With Gluta 1000000mg


Biocell Renovation With Gluta 1000000mg



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