Aqua Skin Snail Complex Pro Whitening Glutathione Injection

Product Name: Aqua Skin Snail Complex Pro Whitening Glutathione Injection
Brand Name: Veniscy Injections
Place of Origin: Made In Switzerland
Key Ingrediants: Glutathione
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Aqua Skin Snail Complex Pro Whitening Glutathione Skin Whitening Injection - 30 Sessions

The Ultimate Solution for Radiant Skin

Welcome to the revolutionary skincare solution - Aqua Skin Snail Complex Pro Whitening Glutathione Skin Whitening Injection. With a unique blend of nature and science, this product promises not only to brighten your skin but also to rejuvenate and protect it from various signs of aging.



- The skin lightening injection works as an anti-ageing product by reducing the fine lines as well as conceals the indications of ageing in the long run.

- Additionally that this Fairness injection helps to remove the dark spots and marks from the skin Entirely.

- Particularly The quick whitening injection boosts collagen production that will assist to maintain the elasticity of the skin.

- Undoubtedly It minimizes pores on the skin and avoids acne.

- The skin lightening injection works as an anti-ageing product by reducing the fine lines and also hides the indications of ageing over time.

Recommended Dosage:

Mix 1 or 2 vials of white lyophilized powder with 5 or 10 ml clean and sterile water respectively and provide using IV Push. Consume to 3 times a week for whitening.

Not Ideal For:

- Bust feeder

- Injection on women duration

- Allergy to vitamin (any type of kind).

- Person with cardio trouble.


- This product can be administered either intravenously (IV) or intramuscular (IM).

- Make certain to Repair the Does depending upon the existing skin problem, which varies from 1 to 2 injections per week. Or else, users require to take these injections two times a week for a period of an optimum of two months. In most of circumstances, customers get the wanted skin within this time framework.

- Primarily for Commercial, Medical, Individual, or Hospital use.


- Similar to all supplements, expectant and also nursing mothers must consult their physician.

- Individuals with any kind of sort of medical history need to seek advice from skin doctors prior to using this product on their bodies.

- Otherwise, customers need to take these injections twice a week for a duration of a maximum of 2 months. In the majority of instances, customers get the preferred skin within this time frame.

- Furthermore Glutathione has Advancement safety homes that make it improper for chemotherapy people.


- As per the recommendations from the professionals, this injection should stay clear of by individuals having allergies to vitamins of any type of kind, patients with cardiovascular problems, breastfeeding mothers as well as expecting mommies.


Embrace a multitude of benefits with Aqua Skin Snail Complex Pro:

Radiant Whitening: Achieve that dreamy, luminous glow and bid farewell to uneven skin tones.

Firm and Youthful Skin: Feel the firmness and elasticity return to your skin, making it look youthful.

24-Hour Protection: Stay protected from harmful UV rays and keep your skin hydrated throughout the day.

Spot Reduction: Diminish the appearance of dark spots and acne scars, unveiling clear and flawless skin.

Natural Detox: Detoxify your skin from within, leaving it pure and fresh.

Anti-Aging: Combat the signs of aging and keep your skin looking timeless.


Unveiling the Secret: Ingredients Description

At the heart of Aqua Skin Snail Complex Pro lies a magical concoction of ingredients:

Black Snail Mucus Extract: Harnessing the power of Oriental innovation, this extract offers round-the-clock UV protection and hydration, ensuring your skin stays fresh and vibrant all day.

Ultrafiltration Glutathione: Combined with Swiss technology, this component guarantees superior skin whitening results, enhancing your natural beauty.


Simple Usage, Lasting Results: Usage Description

Achieving flawless skin is now easier than ever:

Mix the contents as directed and administer either through IV (intravenous) or IM (intramuscular) injections.
Tailor your dosage according to your skin's needs, typically starting with 1-2 injections per week.


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Who can use this product?

Suitable for adults seeking skin whitening, firming, and anti-aging benefits. Not recommended for breastfeeding mothers, individuals on their menstrual period, or those with cardiovascular issues.

How long does it take to see results?

Results vary by individual but typically appear within two months of consistent use.

Is it safe?

Crafted in the finest laboratories of Switzerland and Korea, this product meets stringent safety standards. However, consult a dermatologist if you have specific medical conditions.

Aqua Skin Snail Complex Pro Whitening Glutathione Injection

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