Aqua Skin Pure Gold Pro Max II Glutathione Injection

Product Name: Aqua Skin Pure Gold Pro Max II Glutathione Injection
Brand Name: Aqua Skin
Place of Origin: Made In Switzerland
Key Ingrediants: Glutathion
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Aqua Skin Pure Gold Pro Max II Glutathione Injection

Embark on a transformative skin journey with the latest innovation from Aqua Skin - the Pure Gold Pro Max Skin Whitening 30 Sessions Injection. Tailored for those seeking a radiant, luminous complexion, this cutting-edge treatment ensures visibly lighter and more vibrant skin for up to three months post-treatment.

Embrace the essence of youthful, glowing skin with Aqua Skin Pure Gold Pro Max – your pathway to a brighter, ageless complexion. Remember, a radiant tomorrow begins with the steps you take today. Transform your skin, transform your life.


Discover the Benefits: Why Aqua Skin Pure Gold Pro Max?

Transform your skin with benefits that go beyond whitening:

Reverse Aging: Turn back the clock with anti-aging properties.
Detoxified Radiance: Eliminate toxins for clearer, brighter skin.
Sun Protection: Defend against harmful UV rays and prevent dark spots.
Hydration & Firmness: Achieve supple, elastic skin with improved hydration.
Cellular Repair: Heal and rejuvenate damaged skin cells for a flawless finish.
Evens Skin Tone: Say goodbye to pigmentation and uneven skin tones.


Ingredients Unveiled: The Power Within Aqua Skin Pure Gold Pro Max

Dive into the essence of beauty with this potent formula, packed with:

Glutathione (80000 mg): The master antioxidant for unmatched skin whitening.
Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA - 1500 mg) & Ascorbic Acid (1800 mg): Fights free radicals and boosts skin brightness.
Collagen Extract (2300 mg): For that bounce-back, youthful skin texture.
Epidermal Growth Factor (3000 mg) & Hyaluronic Acid (300 mg): Accelerates skin renewal and hydration.
CoEnzyme Q10 (7000 mg): Energizes skin cells for a revitalized appearance.
Plus, an array of skin-enhancing ingredients like Kojic Acid, DMAE, Selenium, and more for all-round skin perfection.


How to Use: 

For optimal results, administer intravenously (IV) once a week, adhering to the guidance of a healthcare professional. Suitable for a wide array of skin types, the Aqua Skin Pure Gold Pro Max is designed for both day and night use, with straightforward instructions for a seamless beauty routine.


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Who can use it?

Ideal for adults seeking to enhance their skin's appearance, except for pregnant or breastfeeding women, individuals below 16, or those allergic to vitamins.

How long to see results?

Individual results may vary, but generally, improvements can be seen within the first month of treatment.

Is it safe?

Formulated with the highest quality ingredients and standards in Switzerland, safety and efficacy are prioritized.

Aqua Skin Pure Gold Pro Max II Glutathione Injection

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