Vesco Pharma Gluta C 1000 Liquid Nano Glutathione Injection

  • vesco pharma gluta c 1000 liquid nano glutathione injection
  • vesco pharma gluta c 1000 liquid nano glutathione injection
  • vesco pharma gluta c 1000 liquid nano glutathione injection
  • vesco pharma gluta c 1000 liquid nano glutathione injection

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Vesco Pharma Gluta C 1000 Liquid Nano Glutathione Injection

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Vesco Pharma

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Liquid Nano Glutathione and Vitamin C

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Vesco Pharma Gluta C 1000 - Liquid Nano Glutathione Injection - 10 Ampoules

About Vesco Pharma's Gluta C 1000

Enhance your skin's complexion eliminate the appearance of acne, wrinkles dark spots, and areas of pigmentation to revitalize your skin using Vesco Pharma's Gluta C 1000.
Vesco Pharma's Gluta C 1000 is a mixture of Liquid nano Glutathione as well as Vitamin C. Gluta C 1000 is administered intramuscularly, or intravenously for brightening your skin and give it an attractive appearance.
Each box is comprised of 10 ampules of Vesco Pharma's Gluta C 1000, which has 1000mg from Liquid Nano Glutathione Formula as well as 1000mg Vitamin C.

What is Glutathione & Vitamin C? How Do They Work?

Melanocytes are the special cells found within the skin. Melanocytes are the source of Melanin that creates the colour of your skin. People with a high concentration of melanin have darker skin tones. People who are low in melanin will have lighter skin.

Glutathione is a protein-based molecule comprised of three amino acids (cysteine glutamate, glutamate, and Glycine). In the liver, glutathione is made but in very small quantities. It is naturally found in fruits, vegetables, and even in meat. Glutathione, which is produced by the liver and consumed in the diet, functions as an antioxidant, detoxifying the body.
Glutathione in greater amounts such as those as in Gluta C 1000, blocks the activity of the enzyme called tyrosinase. The enzyme tyrosinase is responsible for melanin production. So, the glutathione found within Vesco Pharma's Gluta C 1000 decreases melanin pigmentation, cleanses the toxins that activate tyrosinase, and enhances the effects of melano-cytotoxic substances that kill melanocytes. The injection of glutathione triggers the sequence of events mentioned above, which lightens the skin by altering melanocytes as well as melanin.
Vitamin C is called Ascorbic acid is a crucial nutritional component. Vitamin C stimulates and arouses your skin's cells to effects from glutathione. In addition, Vitamin C extracts present in Vesco Pharma's Gluta C 1000 naturally moisturize the skin.

Benefits of Glutathione and Vitamin C

●    The anti-oxidant properties of Vesco Pharmaceutical's Gluta C 1000 detoxify your body and help eliminate free radicals as well as free radicals.
●    Gluta C 1000 replenishes nutrients and improves the overall health of the skin and face.
●    Gluta C 1000 Whitens the skin and enhances complexion, giving you radiant and glowing skin.
●    Small pores are reduced to make them appear invisible at a distance.
●    It removes hyperpigmentation that is caused by acne spots, dark spots, scars, and age spots.
●    Gluta C 1000 gives the skin a radiant glow thanks to its soft, smooth, and shiny texture.
●    Treats acne, pimples as well as freckles, and other skin imperfections.
●    Gluta C 1000 stops premature wrinkles and ageing, providing you with the appearance of youth and health.
●    The skin is protected from the sun's rays as well as environmental damage.
What is the best time and reason to utilize Vesco Pharmaceutical's Gluta C1000?
The Vesco Pharmaceutical Gluta C 1000 is ideal for:
●    Skin lightening
●    Skin tone that is uneven and hyperpigmentation on the face. For example dark spots
●    Areas of localized discoloration as well as irregularities, like:
●    Freckles
●    Acne spots
●    Scars

Recommended Dosage & Method of Administration?

●    Intra can Venous (IV) drip once or twice per week
●    Intramuscularly (IM)
●    The treatment should be used for a duration between 2 to 18 months, based on the appearance of the skin and body weight as instructed by medical professionals.
 ●    Keep the product in a cool and dry location.
 ●    Do not expose yourself to sunlight or heat.
 ●    Beware of children. 

Contraindicated in:

●    Breastfeeding
●    Allergies to Vitamins, of any kind
●    Pregnancy
●    The risk of developing a heart attack

A FAQ Guide
What is Vesco Pharma Gluta C 1000 Glutathione Injections? What effect will they have on your skin?

The Vesco Pharma Gluta C injections bring the antioxidant benefits of glutathione as a result in the form of an injection.
Glutathione injections help reduce the amount of oxidative stress that is present throughout the body. This aids in brightening the skin's complexion as well as making it appear lighter and helps reduce dark spots that appear on the skin. Antioxidation helps protect the body from damaging free radicals too.

What are the advantages that come from Vesco Pharma Gluta C 1000 Glutathione IV Therapy?

●    It is the complete solution for a variety of body and skin-related problems. Some of the amazing advantages of this treatment are:
●    Skin lightening and brightening because of the activation of melanin pigment.
●    Enhances the overall immune system to the human body assisting to fight off infection easily,
●    Reduces inflammation, both within and outside the body.
●    Help reduce skin hyperpigmentation,
●    Aids in breaking down and rid itself of excess fat. It helps the body break down and purge excess.
●    Do you think Vesco Pharma Gluta C 1000 Glutathione Injections are able to help whiten your skin?
●    Vesco Pharma's Gluta C injections will not whiten or lighten skin's shade immediately.
●    These injections instead work gradually to neutralize and get rid of free radicals that are circulating throughout the body, boost the immune system, and then aid in cleansing the body of all dangerous substances that are known to be harmful to skin health.
●    The effect of lightening the skin is primarily due to the deactivation of the enzyme 'tyrosinase' that stimulates melanin pigment.
Can the whitening effect achieved with Vesco Pharma Gluta C 1000 Glutathione Injection be a permanent process?
One word: perseverance. You may be able to benefit from the whitening effects that come from Vesco Pharma Gluta C Glutathione injection for longer durations when they adhere to their routine for skincare and make sure that they do not expose themselves to the sun, wherever and at any time. Be aware of this crucial since even if someone frequently Vesco Pharma Gluta C Glutathione injections, yet takes not the time to stay away from the sun and other things this effect would be temporary. How much lighter do the skin get after Vesco Pharma Gluta C 1000 Glutathione Injection Treatment? After a lengthy treatment program using Vesco Pharma Gluta C Glutathione injection, someone will be able to notice their skin getting at least 5-6 shades lighter than the original skin shade. The most important thing is to maintain the treatment because only when it is done one is aware of the differences.
What is the time frame to allow Vesco Pharma Gluta C 1000 Glutathione Injection to display the effects?
The results are highly dependent on the complexion of the person receiving the injections.
For those with light-medium brown skin, it will roughly take between 3 to 6 months for glutathione to produce its effects on skin lightening while for someone who has a darker brown tone it could require at least three months for the difference in skin tone to manifest its effects.
How often is it recommended to Vesco Pharma Gluta C 1000 Glutathione injection be given?
If you are looking to achieve fast and lasting outcomes, it is recommended to get at least one to three injections per week.

Do celebrities also like to receive Vesco Pharma Gluta C 1000 Glutathione Injection?

Naturally, why wouldn't they? Celebrities are as human as we are and their skin is in need of regular care and prompt treatments to maintain their health too. In this regard, celebrities are frequently seen getting glutathione whitening treatments to have a long-term and deeper impact on their skin tone.

Is Vesco Pharma Gluta C 1000 Glutathione Injection have any impact on the aging process?

Because it is an antioxidant the power of glutathione is unparalleled. It offers numerous benefits to the skin and can eliminate signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines and any other signs that indicate the beginning of ageing can be treated with injections.



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Vesco Pharma Gluta C 1000 Liquid Nano Glutathione Injection


Vesco Pharma Gluta C 1000 Liquid Nano Glutathione Injection



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