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Bio Rae Complexion 12 Skin Whitening System is all you need to have entirely flawless and also whiter fair skin. A smoother, more clear, flawless, younger, and also whiter skin within, from inside-out. It consists of a complete whitening component that offers you the FASTEST whitening impact.

This is one of the most popular and extremely effective glutathione based skin whitening, and antiaging injection. Researchers have formulated with glutathione, and other ingredients that have a multiple of positive effects on the skin.

Bio Rae Injections are considered to be the best whitening product available in the market. It gives guaranteed results and is 100% chemical free. The product is used for anti-aging treatment, skin whitening, and skin brightening. In addition to this, it improves the immune system and boosts reprocess systems of your body. Bio Rae Injections give outstanding product quality and it is the best solution for multiple skin related problems. It resolves the problem of body metabolic and circulatory disorders, improve blood circulation, anti-aging and leave skin bright, fair and beautiful.

Bio Rae Injections promote skin restore balance. It is one of the powerful moisturizing agents prevent pimples, dark marks and scars. These injections also improve your stamina and energy level with improvement in mental alertness. Apart from this, you will find the number of benefits with amazing skin whitening therapy. It nourishes skin and makes it smooth, fresh and radiant. Regular use of these injections will make your skin fairer and more even tone color. In addition to this, it increases healing of wounds and improves blood circulation. our products are completely safe and leave no harmful effects on your skin as well as body.

Our magical product range includes:

Bio Rae Complexion 8 comes with powerful antioxidant drug helps to reduce melanin process, detoxifies body organs, repairs damaged skin. It makes your skin beautiful, shiny and radiant. This product includes blends of herbs like glutathione, collagen, Ascorbic acid, Vitamin B etc thus, it is chemical free and can be used by anyone. Benefits of Bio Rae Complexion 8 include:

  • It permanently removes dark circles and wrinkles. Glutathione deposits evenly throughout the body. It helps in lightening your skin in a healthy manner.
  • Bio Rae protects skin cells from the damage by harmful free radicals.
  • Besides this, it gives innumerable benefits to your body as well. This injection promoted detoxification and cellular health. Supports healthy immune system and liver.
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Bio Rae Complexion 10 Skin Whitening 10 System is another popular injection which gives fastest whitening effects. Its natural ingredients affect your skin in just a onetime treatment. We have used modern technology for fastest whitening effects and spot free skin. Bio Rae Complexion 10 Skin Whitening 10 System whitens your skin by eliminating hyperpigmentation, dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. It nourishes the skin gently and removing signs of aging, pimples, stretch marks. This product also strengthens metabolism and immunity system. Its functions and benefits are:

  • It is anti-aging undercover twitch due to aging, powerful antioxidant, stimulates collagen formation.
  • It minimizes pores and improves skin complexion
  • Due to all natural ingredients, it inhibits production of melanin
  • Suppresses the production of pimples, acne, and blemishes
  • Lighten pigmentation resulted from sun exposure
  • Gives necessary moisturizer to the skin

  • Doses/ Precautions:

    One injection weekly is recommended for a period of 2 or 3 months. This supplement should avoid by pregnant women, breastfeeder, allergy to vitamin, the patient with a cardiovascular problem.

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