Neutro Skin Strawberry & Rosehips Glutathione Injection

Product Name: Neutro Skin Strawberry & Rosehips Glutathione Injection
Brand Name: NA
Place of Origin: Made In France
Key Ingrediants: Glutathione & Vitamin C
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Neutro Skin Strawberry & Rosehips Glutathione Injection- 10 Sessions - Made In France

**Discover the Antioxidant Brilliance of Neutro Skin Strawberry & Rosehips Glutathione Injection**

Dive deep into the Neutro Skin Strawberry & Rosehips Glutathione Injection – where nature’s brilliance meets cutting-edge skincare. Harnessing strawberries' rich antioxidant wealth, this formula presents an all-encompassing skin elixir. The iconic red hue of strawberries owes itself to polyphenols, powerful antioxidants celebrated for skin-nourishing capabilities. Remarkably, strawberries eclipse even the antioxidant reservoirs of green tea and red wine.

These diligent strawberry antioxidants pledge to neutralize free radicals, fortify cell defenses, and temper inflammation, weaving the fabric of youthful skin.

Central to this skincare marvel is Vitamin C, generously housed in strawberries. More than just an antioxidant, ascorbic acid doubles up as a sentinel against free radicals and a maestro of collagen synthesis. This is the very collagen that underpins the structural integrity of bones, muscles, cartilage, and, of course, our skin.

Neutro Skin's unique blend promises profound hydration while reinvigorating the skin's natural rejuvenation cycle. By modulating melanin pathways in the skin's upper layer, it ushers in an era of balanced skin complexion. Its anti-aging prowess curtails the prominence of age markers and pores, gifting you a visage reminiscent of timeless beauty. Crafted with finesse in France, this treatment is a salute to avant-garde skincare.

**Directions for Use**:

To unlock the best of Neutro Skin Strawberry & Rosehips Glutathione Injection, opt for Intramuscular (IM) or Intravenous (IV) administration. A typical dose involves a combination of 5ml, 2ml, and 1 vial, best taken once or twice weekly.

Redefining skin luminance, the Neutro Skin formula incorporates a Multi-Dimensional Whitening System. Tailored to fade dark spots, it ushers forth a canvas of glowing, impeccably radiant skin. Revel in the synthesis of nature's bounty and pioneering science to unveil your skin's luminescent best.

Neutro Skin Strawberry & Rosehips Glutathione Injection

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