Glow Plus Skin Whitening Cream

Product Name: Glow Plus Skin Whitening Cream
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Key Ingrediants: Kojic acid, Bee wax, Honey, Calendula, Mulberry, Lactic acid, Vitamin B3, B5 and E, Glucolic acid, Arbutein, Liquorice, Emblica extract
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Glow Plus Skin Whitening Cream

Glow Plus Fairness Cream is the most used fairness products when we count on skin fairness. If anybody wants best results in minimum possible days than Glow Plus Fairness Cream is the best suitable product. In today's world, people have very less time to interact with any professional or personal interaction, skin color plays a very important role. A person with the fair skin color gets more attraction than the darker one. In order to improve complexion, this Cream is the best possible solution in the market.


Benefits of using Glow Plus Fairness Cream:-

-Melanin content which is a major contributor to skin color gets reduced by the regular application.
-Balances water content in the skin which enhances freshness and reduces dryness. 
-Glow Plus Fairness Cream includes ingredients which safeguard skin from UV rays & sunburn.
-Remove dead cells which helps in discarding aging effect.
-Regular usage improves smoothness and brightness of skin.
-Glow Plus Fairness Cream is also effective on scars, pimples and aging marks.


Ingredients of Glow Plus Skin Whitening Cream:

Glow Plus Fairness Cream includes all the ingredients which are herbal and natural. A proper mixture of these products makes this cream effective as well as free from all side effects. Glow Plus Fairness Cream is best fairness product available in the market which is due to usage of these ingredients.

Kojic Acid:- This is made up of fungi which is a by-product of certain foods ferment like Japanese sake, soy sauce, and rice wine. Basic use of this product is that it stops the formation of tyrosine which is an amino acid. Tyrosine is an ingredient which is required to produce melanin. Melanin is the basic cause of skin color darkness. Reducing production of melanin shifts skin color towards white. Hence the usage of this organic product whitens skin color.
Bee wax:- This is one of the finest ingredient of cosmetic industry not as this is only natural but also it is nontoxic. Glow Plus Fairness uses bee wax as a thickening agent. Apart from this makes a protective layer from an environment. It is also having a good fragrance so we don’t need to add chemicals for that. Bee wax is also very effective in skin itching cases.
Mulberry:- neutralize the free radicals that damage skin and cause fine lines. The antioxidants in mulberries prevent the occurrence of blemishes on the skin. Mulberries regulate the melanin synthesis in your skin, which naturally clears off the dark spots. It helps in treating dry and delicate skin with the help of vitamin A & vitamin E. They are rich in minerals that provide elasticity, flexibility, and nourishment to the skin.
Honey:- It Moisturises the skin deeply, works as a pore cleanser, helps in lighten scars, very much useful in sunburn. Honey is well known for fighting with acne & pimples. It helps in the hydrating skin which in turn brighten skin with a natural glow.
Calendula:- it is very much effective with stubborn wounds, acne, ulcers, bed sores, varicose veins, rashes, eczema and related conditions. This is also a herbal product which is generated from 15 to 20 species of plants in the Asteraceae family.
Glycolic Acid:- It reacts with the top layer of skin, breaking it down by dissolving sebum and other substances that bind good cells together. It removes dead skin cells by revealing smoother, brighter, younger-looking skin. It is too much effective in case of fine lines and signs of premature aging as well as acne scars.
Lactic Acid:- This is derived from natural resources like milk, fruit & vegetables. Lactic acid is one of the most popular alpha hydroxy acids which reduces acne breakouts and the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging.
Arbutin:- It is an effective skin whitening agent which works by slowly releasing hydroquinone through hydrolysis, which in turn blocks Tyrosinase activity and reduces the skin’s melanin production. As melanin is mainly responsible for skin color as more production of melanin moves skin color to the darker side.

Vitamin B3, B5, and E

Emblica extracts:- This is an extract of Amla which is a very healthy fruit. It slows down the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The fruit promotes longevity and slows down the aging process. Apart from these ingredients, Glow Plus Fairness Cream is full of vitamins which are good for skin and improves health meter of skin.


How To apply:

Glow Plus Fairness Cream need to be used once in a day and gives best results when we apply it before going to bed. Glow Plus Fairness Cream should be used gently on the affected area to get faster results.


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Is Glow Plus Fairness Cream suitable for all skin types?

Yes, Glow Plus Fairness Cream is formulated with natural and herbal ingredients making it suitable for all skin types. However, if you have sensitive skin, it's recommended to perform a patch test before regular use.

How quickly can I expect to see results from using Glow Plus Fairness Cream?

While individual results may vary, users typically notice visible improvements in their skin tone and texture within a few weeks of consistent use. For best results, use the cream as directed regularly.

Can Glow Plus Fairness Cream protect my skin from sun damage?

Yes, Glow Plus Fairness Cream contains ingredients that provide protection against UV rays and sunburn, helping to prevent further skin darkening and damage.

Can I use Glow Plus Fairness Cream to treat acne scars and aging marks?

Yes, Glow Plus Fairness Cream is effective in reducing the appearance of scars, pimples, and aging marks due to its potent ingredients like Kojic Acid and Honey, which help in skin renewal and lightening.

How should I apply Glow Plus Fairness Cream for the best results?

For optimal results, apply Glow Plus Fairness Cream once daily, preferably before going to bed. Cleanse your skin thoroughly, then gently massage the cream onto the affected areas until fully absorbed. Regular use will yield faster and more effective results.

Glow Plus Skin Whitening Cream

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