Biocell Renovation With Gluta 12000000mg Glutathione Injection

Product Name: Biocell Renovation With Gluta 12000000mg Glutathione Injection
Brand Name: NA
Place of Origin: Made In Switzerland
Key Ingrediants: Glutathione & Vitamin C
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Biocell Renovation With Gluta 12000000mg Glutathione Injection - Upgrade Marine Collagen Dipeptine - 10 Sessions


Introducing the power-packed BIOCELL REJUVENATION WITH GLUTA 12000000mg Glutathione Injection. This potent formula is rich in antioxidants and combines an array of vitamin C and other antioxidative ingredients. It effectively neutralizes environmental toxins' damaging effects on skin cells, bolsters skin cell health, illuminates the complexion, and detoxifies the blood and lymphatic systems.


Our exclusive product is fortified with skin-illuminating Vitamin C, which amplifies the detoxification effects of glutathione, reducing melanin pigmentation that can lead to a dull and dark complexion.


Compared to other brands, our formulation boasts a superior concentration of Collagen forte. This component deeply infiltrates the skin, restoring a youthful elasticity and firmness throughout the body.


Furthermore, the Essential Amino Acid, a vital protein element within cells and tissues, facilitates growth, repair, and efficient nutrient uptake in the body.


Key Product Features:


Skin Illumination

Revitalization of Skin Cells

Anti-Aging Properties

Enhancement of Antioxidant Activity

Boost to Immune Function



Ascorbic Acid 50000 mg

Solution Collagen d'extrit 40000 mg

Aminox Essential Amino Acid 50000 mg

Hesperidin 40000 mg

Hyaluronic Acid 40000 mg

Argan stem cell 20000 mg


Chromosome 20000mg

Coenzyme Q10 60000mg


GLUTblanc (Nano Extract 12Million mg) NaOH

Ingredients: Glutathione Solve in 5-10 ml Sterile water

10 Sets Injection i.m.,i.v.


Renovation with Gluta 12000000 mg

+ Made in Switzerland





Packaging: 1 BOX contains 10 Injection Sets. (1 Injection Set = 2 ampoules + 1 vial).


Recommended Dosage: To be administered Intramuscularly (IM) or Intravenously (IV), under the guidance of a healthcare professional.

Biocell Renovation With Gluta 12000000mg Glutathione Injection

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