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Active Men Tongkat Ali 3000 Extreme – 60 Capsules


What is Tongkat Ali and Why Modern Men Should Use It

A significant part of human procreation has been how men can woo women. In modern society, it depends on how good men are in an intimate relationship with their female counterparts. No wonder promises of aphrodisiac drugs for sexual performance have been the talk of ages and are still popular today. The popularity and the promise it provides bring a lot of different medicines and practices to the market, often convoluting it, and most of them can be fake, bearing no result.

Today in this article, we discuss the “Malaysian ginseng," a traditional remedy that advocates male sexual performance while relieving other ailments and health issues.

What is Tongkat Ali?

Scientifically known as Eurycoma longifolia, it is a shrubby tree indigenous to Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam, which literally means Ali's walking stick while also known as Long Jack in other regions. As it is most known as Malaysian Ginseng and is used for sexual performance, they are also known as anti-aging medicine and in sports by athletes to enhance their performance.

When we go into detail, we find that Tongkat Ali contains many ingredients such as flavonoids, alkaloids, and other elements, often found in popular antioxidants that help the cells fight off damaging them and help in regeneration.

What are Tongkat Ali’s Historical Uses?

In most southeastern tropical countries, Tongkat Ali is commonly quite famous for sexual performance and is somewhat a malaria remedy where people typically use its roots, barks, and even fruit to make multiple remedies. Following are some of its uses in traditional medicine home to these countries:

·       Sexual Performance

·       Muscle Building

·       Naturally Enhanced Testosterone

·       Strong Immune System

·       Erectile dysfunction

·       Enhanced Sexual Virility & Libido


The plant can reach up to 15 meters and is primarily found in tropical rainforests typically surrounded by rich biodiversity and dates back to the 1800s and was discovered by the British empire signifying a symbol of power and strength.

What are the benefits of Tongkat Ali?

Let's discuss some of the benefits of this vast traditional part of many medicines where some benefits are due to local cultures. In contrast, others are based on recent studies made on its efficacy.

Sexual Performance and Fertility

From different studies on mice and rats, the aphrodisiac properties have shown increases associated with the rise in testosterone levels and some cases, enhancement of the drug dopamine in their brain.

In human and animal studies, sperm volume increase, motility, and viability have been observed while increased testosterone production. Some subjects felt enhanced erectile functions and increased performance in sexual intercourse.

 Ergogenic Acid

Athletes have been known to use Ergogenic acid in their supplements to increase their performance. High dosages of Tongkat Ali have similarly shown increased production and enhancement for 50+ aged physically active people. Furthermore, it has been used when consumers consider healthy exercise, enhancing muscle mass, and even increasing the speed at which they lose fats, making it quite popular among athletes and dieters.

Stress Levels

As mentioned above, with Ergogenic acid's help, the users' stress levels usually decrease with increased usage. In different studies, the study group showed 11% reduced tension, 12% decreased anger, and even 15% reduced confusion in some cases. For the stress hormone profile of salivary cortisol and testosterone, Tongkat Ali's usage enhances cortisol exposure and even increased testosterone status.

Most of the time, sexual performance has also been related to stress levels, and the moment the stress is reduced, sexual performance has increased. Therefore, TA seems a viable ingredient for more than one bird in a single stone.

Functional Ingredient

The herb and leaves have been long used in traditional teas and in some regions as part of daily coffee.

Are There Any Side Effects to Using Tongkat Ali?

In men, controlled usage didn't show any side effects and was somewhat therapeutic in effect, but in mice and other animals, higher dosages have shown that it may very well be toxic. For now, doctors and researchers don't recommend people to take this herb in high dosages to avoid any long-term damage.

Patients who use medication to reduce their blood sugar should consult with their doctors or physicians before taking this herb as a supplement. Furthermore, some patients have been reported to have insomnia when using it regularly and, in some cases, feel irritation and restlessness.

How to Use Tongkat Ali?

In most cases, you should take Tongkat Ali prescribed by your doctor. Following are some considerations when using it as a supplement:

·       When extracting, use it 100:1, which should equal around 25mg, and use it orally either alternate days or everyday.

·       Alcohol extracts with often high dosages of up to 2.6g/kg have been deemed safe when used on mice, which tells the safe limit for a grown man.

·       You can use it with a varying amount in capsules to manage your hormonal levels by continuing to use the medicine when you have reached the optimum level until your body can easily produce the said hormone itself.

·       When bodybuilding, use capsules of 1000mg sparingly to boost your daily workout and when you see results, reduce the dosage when levels are maintained.

·       If you are using it to reduce stress levels, don't use it more than 200mg once a day and stop using it when your stress levels are under check.

·       Always consult your doctor and physician when using it for performance and make regular checkups to avoid any long-term damaging impacts.


Most cultures always have remedies in their traditional medicine that avoid modern medicine when considering sexual performance, anger management, and reducing stress as they don't want enhanced side effects with modern medicine. Conventional treatments enhance positive aspects without damaging their body or mental health and often accompany these ancient practices. With current research in medicine and scientific use, Tongkat Ali may very well be the latest miracle drug for many issues relating to modern men.


Active Men Tongkat Ali 3000 Extreme

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