Royal Ultra Booster Glutathione Injection

Product Name: Royal Ultra Booster Glutathione Injection
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Place of Origin: NA
Key Ingrediants: DualNA Glutathione
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**Royal Ultra Booster Glutathione Skin Whitening IV Injection**: A Revolution in Skin Whitening

Elevate your skin's brightness with Royal Ultra Booster Whitening IV Injection. This powerful solution grants you radiant skin in just a few hours! With an advanced formula rich in Vitamin C and other whitening agents, you're on your way to luminous, healthy skin. Feel the transformation with each use: firmer cheeks, increased moisture, and a visibly brighter complexion, particularly around the delicate under-eye area. For those with knee ailments, a noticeable improvement can also be anticipated. Regular use intensifies the glow, ensuring your skin gleams every day. Especially effective for areas like armpits, it promises an even-toned look for your whole body. 

**Product Overview**:
- **Age Suitability**: Adult
- **Volume**: 10ml
- **Skin Compatibility**: Universally friendly for all skin types.
- **Packaging**: Eco-friendly plastic container
- **Brand**: Royal Booster

**Prominent Features**:

1. **Swift Whitening Impact**: Our injection guarantees instant results, reducing dark spots and aging signs. 
2. **Holistic UV Protection**: Safeguard your skin from harmful UV radiation, ensuring it remains undeniably brighter.
3. **Antioxidant Richness**: Cleanse and rejuvenate your vital organs, all while enhancing your skin, hair, and nails.

**Key Advantages**:
- Immediate and lasting whitening results.
- Achieves consistent skin tone by reducing unevenness and dullness.

**Usage Directions**:
For optimal results, dilute one rub in 250ml saline. Proceed with a drip session lasting between 20 to 30 minutes.

**Main Ingredients**:
Cyto-6 Plant Stem Cell, DualNA Melanin Inhibit Factor, DualNA Glutathione, DualNA Ascorbic Acid, DualNA White Elements, DualNA Alpha Lipoic Acid, DualNA Multivitamins.

**Be Aware of Counterfeits**:
Always ensure authenticity by checking our reviews and product images. We guarantee only genuine products for our esteemed customers.

**Safety Note**:
Currently, no side effects are associated with this product. However, if any adverse reactions are noticed, kindly cease usage and reach out to our customer service for assistance. 

Illuminate your skin's potential with **Royal Ultra Booster Whitening IV Injection**. Your journey to flawless radiance begins here!

Royal Ultra Booster Glutathione Injection

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