Skin Whitening Injections Side Effects

While skin whitening injections are effective in whitening your skin, users also have to be aware of side effects as with any other supplements or prescription drugs. Most of the skin whitening injections or supplements use the anti-oxidant Glutathione beside other anti-oxidants and formulas. As with every other supplement, there are both benefits and side effects (though rare) to the usage of Glutathione and other ingredients used in skin whitening supplements.

Functions of Glutathione

Our body also produces the essential amount of Glutathione, which may get subdued for a lot of reasons as stress, lifestyle, genetics, etc. If the body does not produce enough of Glutathione, you can also take supplements to increase the level of Glutathione in your body. It removes oxidative stress occurring out of free radicals, through detoxification, and restores balance. Free radicals damage cells, as they have unpaired electrons that turn reactive with cells and their proteins, DNA, etc. which can result in premature aging, heart ailments, fatigue, cancer, etc.

Skin Whitening as Side Effect of Glutathione

Actually, as Glutathione performs detoxification as an anti-oxidant, removing toxins from the body, repairing DNA, etc. the side effects are usually found to be minimal. In fact, the skin whitening that happens due to being treated with Glutathione is a side effect. Doctors and scientists first observed skin whitening as a side effect, while supplementing Glutathione for treatment in patients.

One considers it a side effect only because those who administered Glutathione did not expect it to lighten the patient’s skin. The actual purpose of using Glutathione was to treat illnesses and to provide nutrition to the body. Only because skin lightening was not intended, it was considered a side effect. Since then, after further studies, Glutathione became a skin lightening agent and scientists also began recommending it for the same purpose.

Glutathione – Vitamin C – Side Effects and Precautions

Similarly, most Glutathione supplements come with Vitamin C to boost the performance of the former. We cannot also expect Vitamin C to have any side effects when administered the right doses. Glutathione lightens your skin by converting eumelanin into phaeomelanin by inhibiting the tyrosinase enzymes, which oxidate and darken your skin. Similarly, when administered with Vitamin C, Glutathione also performs better as an antioxidant and it increases the production of natural glutathione in the body as well.

Despite the beneficial effects of Glutathione, it is also important to take skin whitening injections with the help of a doctor or nurse. While you may take the dose two times a week as recommended, you should also avoid alcohol intake and smoking. Use a sunscreen lotion to protect yourself from exposure to the sun and avoid stress, which can cause oxidation and increase the number of free radicals in your body. You should also be careful about exposing your melanin-less skin to ultraviolet rays, as it can cause cancer. So, it is best to use a sunscreen lotion to protect yourself, while you are taking skin whitening injections.

Side Effects of Skin Whitening Injections and Glutathione

Since Glutathione is a naturally produced substance in the body, which can be subdued for a few reasons, intake of Glutathione won’t have as much side effects for most people. In addition, getting a doctor’s help can reduce the side effects that you may experience. The problem is only with excessive intake above the recommended dose of intake per week, which is usually twice a week in prescribed quantities.

Excessive intake can result in side effects as:

  • Upset stomach
  • Nausea
  • Kidney failure
  • Thyroid impairment
  • Poisoning of blood
  • Greying of hair
  • Sore/Tender breasts
  • Rashes and allergies
  • Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

Clearly, intake of just the right amounts of Glutathione for skin whitening won’t cause any side effects. However, you should open up to your doctor about your complete medical history before you begin taking Glutathione skin whitening supplements. Patients with Vitiligo, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, renal, liver and thyroid impairment and skin allergies may avoid taking Glutathione.

However, consulting with your doctor can enable you to enjoy the immense benefits of Glutathione and make the best of your skin lightening or skin whitening supplements. You can take Glutathione at levels that enable rapid skin lightening within weeks or months and then switch to a lower maintenance level to be free of all kinds of side-effects.

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