Anti Ageing Injections in India


Introduction: Keeping the face supple and smooth is not an easy task. Wrinkles form as the skin gets older and becomes less elastic. Sun also causes a lot of damage. Therefore, the anti-aging injectable treatment is a convenient and a smooth way to remove the fine lines on the forehead and around the mouth and eyes without any surgery. Anti-aging injections include injecting a solution developed medically into the face muscle using a fine needle. These are different kinds of the fillers and the Botulinum Toxin. The anti-aging injections work by relaxing the muscles to stop the lines and the wrinkles from forming. These injections are usually administered by a medical practitioner and they give smooth and softer skin and also restores a youthful complexion.

Name of some Anti-ageing injections
Some of the anti-aging injections are:

  • Vitamax 2GS Nano
  • BioCell Collagen Forte With Vitamin C
  • Lucchini Placenta  Sheep Placenta Extract
  • Lucchini Human Placenta
  • Skinnic Aqua Collagen Premium Swiss

Basic ingredients of Anti-Aging Injections:
The basic ingredients of the anti-aging injections are sugar molecules composed of hyaluronic acids and collagens that may be derived from cows, pigs or may be produced in a laboratory. It can also be a person’s transplanted fat or biosynthetic polymers. The biosynthetic polymers include calcium polycaprolactone, hydroxylapatite, and polylactic acid.


  • The anti-aging injections can help you look more vibrant and youthful give noticeable results like the following:
  • Reduction in the visible lines around the nose and mouth
  • Smoother skin with even complexion
  • Fewer skin wrinkles around the eyes, lips, and forehead
  • Fuller and plumper lips and reduced crow’s feet

The injections can be also used to remove the frown lines, forehead lines and maintain the facial expression to give a naturally beautiful look. They are also used to remove the tear troughs, replace moisture, replace the lost value and enhance the key features like cheeks, lips, and jawline. The injections can significantly reduce the frown lines, chin dimpling, and the brow heaviness. They also give a more youthful and vibrant look.

How to use:

The anti-aging injections work by relaxing the dynamic muscles which are responsible for the formation of wrinkles. A purified form of a natural protein is injected into the area that binds to the muscle parts which receive signals from the nerve endings normally. This allows muscle relaxation and thus reduces the skin wrinkles produced by the continuous contraction of the muscles. This is performed by a medical practitioner. The effects are noticeable within few days of injecting, giving a rejuvenated appearance. Results can last up to four months, however, it depends on a number of factors.


When the anti-aging injections are used regularly, they are reported to delay the aging signs. The facial muscle movement causes the lines and the wrinkles. These injections can restrict the formation of lines and wrinkles. Before going for an anti-aging treatment, it is important to find a registered medical practitioner who has many years of experience in the anti-aging injections. Schedule a consultation to know about the different kinds of injections which are available and the number of injections that will be injected and also learn about the cost.

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