Anti Ageing Injections

Vitamax 2GS Nano contains powerful formula that gives superior benefits to the skin and body. After first injection you can see the difference on the skin. Initial injection of collagen will last for 4-6 months. This essential ingredient collagen will be steadily adsorbed into the body and metabolized

BioCell Collagen Forte with Vitamin C includes maximum concentration of 30% in vitamin C mixed collagen. From the first injection you cloud feel the change on your skin. Vitamin C is extremely publicized for its well known function. In addition BioCell Collagen Forte gives number of benefits to the skin as well as body

Lucchini Placenta is a unique product among famous and rich people to maintain their youthful bloom and improve their quality of life. It offers number of benefits including reduction of pigmentation, anti aging, delaying the onset of menopause, whitening, restoration of hormonal balance and more.

Lucchini Human Placenta gives exciting effect on cell renewal of the epidermis on the body through promoting the formation of nerves and new blood vessels. This product leads to healthy and glowing looking skin. Regular use of Lucchini Human Placenta makes skin vibrant and young.

Skinnic Aqua Collagen Premium Swiss help skin to look firmer, younger and smoother. Body loses collagen will lead to aging problems. Therefore, kinnic Aqua Collagen Premium Swiss helps to add flexibility to the skin and skin look beautiful. This product is the perfect whitening solution to give flawless skin and more whiten complexion.

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