Rition 5000mg Glutathione With 10,000mg DHNP Vitamin C Injecton

Product Name: Rition 5000mg Glutathione With 10,000mg DHNP Vitamin C Injecton
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Place of Origin: Made In France
Key Ingrediants: Glutathione & Vitamin C
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Rition 5000mg Glutathione Injection With DHNP Vitamin C 10,000mg Injection

Unleash your skin's potential with Rition 5000mg, a potent solution designed to lighten and brighten skin, giving you a radiant, flawless complexion. These 5-session skin lightening injections work by reducing melanin levels in the skin, providing unmatched spotless beauty irrespective of age or gender.

Unlike many products on the market that may contain harmful chemicals, Rition prioritizes safety. This all-natural product boasts ingredients that not only balance the skin's saliva production but also shield it from potential damage.

One of the reasons Rition stands out is its safety profile - it's gentle on the skin and doesn't cause adverse effects. Its effectiveness is recognized and endorsed by pathologists in Italy, cementing Rition's status as a patented product.


Rition's glutathione injections replenish your skin, promoting firmness and vitality.

Our lightening injections aid in eradicating blemishes and scars for a flawless complexion.

Rapid whitening injections enhance collagen production to preserve skin elasticity.

Rition injections contribute to minimizing pore size, warding off acne, and promoting smooth skin.

As an effective anti-ageing solution, Rition minimizes fine lines and camouflages signs of ageing.


Please ensure you adhere to the dosage prescribed by your dermatologist.


Before beginning the injection course, a consultation with a dermatologist is advisable.

Country of Origin: Italy

Recommended Dosage:

Intravenous IV Infusion (Drip) Once a week.

For optimum results, please consult with your doctor.

DHNP Vitamin C 10,000mg Injection

Why Opt for Vitamin C Infusion?

Crafted in South Korea's leading pharmaceutical facilities, the Vitamin C DHNP Inj. stands out with its highest potency among Vitamin C infusions. Functioning as a potent antioxidant, Vitamin C is lauded for its dual-action ability to destroy cancer cells and enhance immune functionality concurrently.

As a water-soluble vitamin, Vitamin C plays a critical role in the smooth operation of many bodily systems. As an antioxidant, it proffers numerous health advantages, including anti-aging benefits.

Such is the potency of Vitamin C that it safeguards other antioxidants from the detrimental effects of free radicals. It aids tissue growth, facilitates repair, bolsters adrenal gland functionality, and even assists in the production of anti-stress hormones.


This infusion serves as a preventive treatment for Vitamin C deficiency and scurvy.

In situations where a heightened dosage of Vitamin C is necessary, such as during pregnancy, lactation, or strenuous physical labor.

When Vitamin C deficiency or metabolic disorders are suspected.

Helpful in cases of Capillary Hemorrhage, such as nosebleeds, gum bleeding, or blood in urine.

Beneficial during drug administration with salicylate, atropine, ammonium chloride, or barbiturate.

Supports the formation of bone matrix, assists with bone disorders arising from fractures.

Effective in treating pigmentation post freckles, ephelides, or infection.

Useful in treating photosensitive dermatitis.

Moreover, it's commonly employed for:

Skin brightening, acting as a powerful antioxidant, anti-aging, and boosting antioxidant absorption.

Rition 5000mg Glutathione With 10,000mg DHNP Vitamin C Injecton

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