VC Vitamin C 1000mg Injections

  • VC Vitamin C 1000mg Injections

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VC Vitamin C 1000mg Injections

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Vitamin C 1000 mg, Ascorbic Acid 1000mg, Vitamin c Injections

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VC Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 1000mg Injections - 10 Ampoules

If you're big skincare freak and haven’t added Vitamin C to your routine; then you are depriving your skin with so many benefits. Vitamin C one of the super antioxidants to maintain and achieve beautiful, healthy skin. Vitamin C ingredient and 

Products which includes Vitamin C; like Vitamin C injections are must you look for your upcoming shopping. Yet not finished, here we go for more info. Vitamin C doesn’t only protect our skin from free radical damage; it also performs a significant role in anti-ageing, acne, wound healing, skin whitening, and even hyperpigmentation. The best way to improve skin health through VC Vitamin C 1000mg injections in the daily intake but, not just anything labelled as vitamin C, instead well-formulated products like our Vitamin C 1000mg injection. Because the main ingredient of injection is Vitamin C.

Think of our skin is like a plant. We feed plants from the inside by organic fertilizers and also shield from outside desired sun exposure and daily watering to prevent from damage and drying out. While in the case of our

 skin, we need to go a little further by adding antioxidant-rich 

products to shield from UV rays, radiation, pollution, smoke, and other 

external factors.

So, that's the reason why do we need to take vitamin C (VC Vitamin-C 1000mg Injection) to achieve plump and glowing skin.

Benefits Of Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is a naturally occurring water-soluble vitamin, also termed ascorbic acid. Fruits, vegetables, and certain herbs mainly contain vitamin c. 

Lots of research has done over the cycles that have only led to 

finding out several different roles of vitamin C in our body that also, 

directly and indirectly, affect how skin functions, looks and feels. 

Few are here;

  • Shielding Cell DNA- Stress, smoke and unhealthy diet all drive to cell damage which can be overcome by vitamin C.
  • Skin Wound Healing- refers to inner wounds as well as cuts and bruises
  • Decreasing Oxidative Damage– prevent ageing and sunspots.
  • Strengthening Blood Vessels– support to reduce dark circles, post-inflammatory erythema.
  • Building and Supporting Collagen – required for skin and joints.
  • Enhancing Efficiency of Sunscreen– extra shelter from suntan, sunburn, rough, thick skin.
  • Absorption of Iron– indirectly assists with dark circles and bruising and skin whitening. Reduces acne and pimples
  • Metabolism
  •  of Proteins– proteins, including collagen being the essential element for built and functions, vitamin C has a vital role for 
  • their synthesis is making it, especially for our defense system.
  • Sadly,
  •  the human body does not produce vitamin C. True; our body does not 
  • possess the particular enzyme activity required for vitamin C synthesis,
  •  which leaves us with only one choice daily consumption of vitamin C 
  • (Now, available in the form of Injection)


Precautions of the Vitamin C Injection:

If an individual has certain medical conditions, they have to stop injecting to Pregnant women, should avoid the product until the delivery and hereafter expert advice is needed to Inject vitamin c.

  • While breastfeeding mothers should not take any whitening and anti-ageing injection.
  • People should avoid these injections if allergenic to vitamins.
  • People with cardiovascular conditions should also avoid injection.


Q. Can Vitamin C Injection whiten skin?

A. Yes, Vitamin C Injection and Its
Eminence for skin whitening, anti-ageing, and Rejuvenation. Vitamin C or
ascorbic acid is a required nutrient for the skin. It helps to regulate
the functioning of the natural antioxidants in the body

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VC Vitamin C 1000mg Injections


VC Vitamin C 1000mg Injections



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